Mental Health Stories

The stigma around mental illness will be completely eliminated when we can each speak openly about our mental illness, or our recovery and journey to mental wellness.  For the individual, sharing a personal story can be empowering.  Through sharing your story, you to use dispel the harmful stereotypes about mental illness.  Your story can help others understand they are not alone.  It will encourage others to speak up, and to seek help.

Everyone has a story.  Some stories are about a mental health struggle; some are about helping a loved one with a mental illness; some are about recovery; and some are about discovering how to live with a mental illness.  Every story has value.  Every story can help someone.  Take this opportunity to tell your story.

We invite you to include a photo to accompany your story.  The photo can be of yourself, or of any image that you wish to associate with your story.

You are invited to include your name, or if you wish you can remain anonymous.

We encourage you to select a ribbon color.  The ribbon colors can represent a single mental illness, or mental illnesses categorized by disorder type. 

Once we receive your story, our mental health professionals will review prior to posting.  We expect to post newly submitted stories within 3 days of submittal.

Thank you for being a part of eliminating the stigma around mental illness. 

Ribbon Colors:


Anxiety Disorders – Teal Color Ribbon



Panic Disorder


Social Anxiety



Mood Disorders – Green Color Ribbon


Bipolar Disorder



Self-Harm – Orange Color Ribbon



Early Childhood Onset Disorders – Purple Color Ribbon

Autistic Spectrum Disorder




Eating Disorders – Teal Color Ribbon



Schizophrenia – Silver Color Ribbon



Dementia– Purple Color Ribbon



Substance Abuse Disorders & Recovery – Turquoise Color Ribbon



Borderline Personality Disorder – Gray Color Ribbon



Dissociative Disorders – Teal Color Ribbon