Michelle N.

In 2020 I lost my husband to suicide. Throughout his life he was always a very genuinely happy person. Of course, he had his bad days and his days where he took a little longer getting up but nothing out of the ordinary. Then the ever-loving Covid-19 came into the picture. My sweet husband lost his job. He felt like he was a failure, he was embarrassed. He didn’t want me to look at him differently, or for our kids to look at him differently. He quickly began to spiral and was refusing to get help. Eventually he agreed to attend a therapy session. The morning of his appointment, he took his own life. Our family hasn’t been the same since. Our beautiful kids lost their sparkle and smiles. They have gotten them back over time, but I never thought they would. My oldest daughter is about to go off to college and our youngest boy has his eyes set on Purdue, to be just like his daddy. My biggest regret is not pushing harder to help him. I was so scared of losing him that I tried to respect his wishes and let him figure stuff out on his own. Please listen to the people around you when they are hurting. You never know how deep that pain truly runs.